Mount Hermon, northern Israel.

A little bit about this site

This site began when I moved to Modi'in in 1998 and friends and family both in Israel and especially overseas said "huh?" "what's that?"

My family and I enjoy learning about the local animals and plants, in particular we're keen amateur bird watchers and enjoy Israel's location on one of the world's busiest bird migration routes.

While I have no formal training in the natural sciences I have been passionately interested in the natural world my whole life and this website grew out of that love. I found that people often come to me with questions about birds or flowers, requests to help with so many friend's kids' homework or for recommendations about places to visit in Israel and around Modi'in specifically.

As an observant Jew the Bible and Jewish learning are central to my life and it is the most natural thing in the world to study the natural world with a field guide in one hand and a Bible in the other. I feel that knowing the Land of Israel is fundamental to understanding so much of the Bible, Talmud and indeed much of Judaism itself that I wanted to provide a simple resource to illustrate and teach about this connection, in particular for those living overseas.

At the time there was very little on the web about Israeli flora and fauna and even less about Modi'in. While I am by no means an expert, I started setting up this site in part to answer those questions. Today there are many more online resources about nature in Israel, but I feel this site still fills a niche.

My family's thirst for learning and the pleasure we derive from getting out and about in our small country gradually also developed into an interest in photography, and as the varied quality of photos on this site shows, we've come quite a long over the last decade and more, but still have far to go.

I am gradually working on upgrading, updating and improving this site, in particular I have a stack of new photographs taken on our walks that are waiting to be put up and a host of new links to add. All in good time.

I hope that you've enjoyed your visit. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Copyright 2011 by Leiah Elbaum. Last updated February 11 2011.

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