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Our travel photo album

Some favorite photographs

Whenever we get the chance we love to get out of the city and explore the world's natural wonders, be it a hike in a nearby forest or a dream-come-true trip to Iceland. We also enjoy visiting other towns and cities, at home or abroad, and learning about different cultures, local histories, languages and ways of life. We've taken up another hobby, amateur photography, to capture our travels for the family album. For this website we've picked out some of our favorites (that's favourites for you Brits).

Click the photos for larger versions ranging from 30K to 110K in size. We hope to have some new pics scanned soon.

In the Berkshire mountains, New York Sunset on Maryland's Eastern Shore
In the Berkshire mountains, New York (August 1994) (110K) Sunset on Maryland's Eastern Shore (November 1998) (36K)
Near Gulfoss waterfall, Iceland On the Isle of Skye, Scotland
Near Gulfoss waterfall, Iceland. A bit of the waterfall is visible. (August 1995) (38K) On a mountain on the Isle of Skye, Scotland (August 1996) (30K)

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