Biblical Birds

Biblical Birds

Egyptian vulture
Vulture' Nest
Lappet faced vulture

Much of Israel's native wildlife is mentioned in the bible, which takes place primarily in and around the land of Israel. Below is a sample of biblical birds:
Grey heron
"And these you shall not eat are: the nesher (Griffon vulture), and the peres(lammergeier) and the 'ozniyah (lappet faced vulture). And the ra-ah(??) ayah (honey buzzard)and the dayah(kite) species. And all of the 'orev (raven/crow) species. And the bat haya'anah(ostrich) and the tahmas(??) and the shahaf (seagull) and the netz(hawk) species. And the kos (little owl) and the yanshuf (long-eared owl) and the tinshemet (barn owl). And the ka-at(a kind of desert bird?) and the rahama (Egyptian vulture) and the shlakh (osprey). And the hasida (stork) and the anafa (heron) species and the dukhifat (hoopoe) and the bat."(Deuteronomy 14:12-19)
"The buds have appeared in the land, the time of the zamir (nightingale) has arrived and the voice tor (turtle dove) is heard in our land"(Song of Songs 2:12)
"And he sent forth the'orev (raven) and it went to and fro until the water had dried up from the land" (Genesis 8:7)

"The beast of the field shall honour Me, jackals and bnot ya'anah(ostriches), because I have given water in the desert and rivers in the wilderness so that My chosen people may drink" (Isaiah, 43:20)

"...And the bnot ya'anah(ostriches) shall dwell there and it shall never more be inhabited...(Jeremiah, 50:39)

"And wild desert birds will brood there and their houses will be filled with ohim (eagle owls) and bnot ya'anah (ostriches) will dwell there and se'irim (Scops owls) will dance there."(Isaiah 13:21)

"Therefore I will wail and howl...I will wail like the jackals and mourn like the bnot ya'anah(ostriches)" (Micah, 1:8)

Griffon vulture

"I will carry you on the wings of nesharim (Griffon vultures)"(Exodus, 19:4)

"For thus said the Lord behold he shall soar like a nesher (Griffon vulture) and spread his wings over Moab" (Jeremiah, 48:40)

"Our pursuers were swifter than nesharim (Griffon vultures); they chased us over the mountains and ambushed us in the wilderness"(Lamentations 4:19)

White storks
"The hasida (stork) in the sky knows its appointed times and the tor (turtle dove) and the siys (swift)and the 'agur (crane) observe the time of their coming..." (Jeremiah 8:7) Cranes
"Where the birds make their nests, the hasida (stork) makes its home in in cypress trees"(Psalms 104:17)
...And behold two women came out and the wind was in their wings like the wings of a hasida (stork)...(Zechariah 5:9)
"I resembled a desert ka-at (a type of desert bird) I was like a kos (little owl) among the ruins" (Psalms 102:7)

"My yonah (dove) in the rock clefts, in the secret crevices, reveal yourself to me and let me hear your voice, for your voice is pleasant and your appearance comely" (Song of Songs 2:14)

"And he sent forth the yonah (dove) from him to see whether the water had receded from the ground. But the yonah(dove) did not find a place to land and returned to him, to the Ark.... "(Genesis 8:8-9)

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Griffon vulture at Gamla

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